Take action to ensure safety for all

You can help create accountability, transparency and safer healthcare. Be an advocate and support policies that promote patient safety. Here are several ways you can take action today.

Harmed by a Medical Device? Watch the video.
Get Informed

Protect yourself and your friends and family and learn more about medical devices, resources available, and patient safety.

Research a device

File a FOIA request for anything and everything on that device.

Learn how to make a request, get clinical trial information, get FDA meeting minutes for approval, check for conflicts of interest and learn about helpful resources regarding materials used and the manufacturing processes.  

Lobby your Members of Congress

Find out who they are, how to contact them and set up a meeting. 

File a citizen petition

An FDA Citizen Petition is a process provided by the United States Food and Drug Administration for individuals and community organizations to make requests to the FDA for changes to health policy. 

Create a Facebook group

Facebook groups are an easy and free way to bring together people around activism. They provide an efficient way to create an online community that may share information and resources and organize events and initiatives.

Support the Medical Device Safety Act

The Medical Device Safety Act is the bill that will restore the patients’ right to litigation. Support the Medical Device Safety Act to give patients more resources needed to ensure their health and safety.